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ECN/STP Forex Brokers

A list of ECN (Electronic Communications Network) Forex Brokers which provide direct access to the Forex market where you can trade with other traders. ECN Broker gives better trading opportunity as it does execute your trades at the price you want, without re-quote.

Commission listed per round turn (100k).

ECN BrokerMin. ECN DepositCommissionMax. ECN LeverageECN Platform
3TG Brokers$1,000$14100:1MetaTrader 4
4runnerforex$1,500$6400:1MetaTrader 4
ACFX$20,000From 0.7 pips100:1MetaTrader 4
Admiral Markets$1,000$4100:1MetaTrader 4
MetaTrader 5
AGM Markets$10,000$6200:1MetaTrader 4
Alpari UK$200$0 (spread + swap only)500:1MetaTrader 4
Alpari NZ$200$1.5 - $2500:1MetaTrader 4
Alpari US$10,000$550:1MetaTrader 4
AnnexFx$300$5.2200:1MetaTrader 4
AssetsFX$200$5.2100:1MetaTrader 4
AxiTrader$1,000$7400:1MetaTrader 4
BelforFx$100From 0.7 pips400:1MetaTrader 4
BMFN - Boston Merchant Financial$100From 1 pip400:1
BNFX - BESTECNFX$500$6100:1
Boston Prime FX$10,000$1100:1
Brokers Star$1000.5 – 0.8 pips per lot400:1
CAPITAL4C$1,000$5 - $16200:1
BTFX (Brokersclub Ltd)$2,500$3 - $7200:1MetaTrader 4
CitiFX Pro$50,000$3.5100:1
CommexFX$200From 0.4 pips400:1
Deltastock$100$6 - $10200:1
DF Markets $1$6 - $10200:1
Dukascopy Bank SA$100$1 - $9.650:1
Eightcap Pty Ltd$100$7400:1MetaTrader 4
ELEX – Electronic Markets$5,000$7 - $29100:1
Everest Markets$10,0000.10% per transaction (+spread)100:1
Excel Markets$200$5200:1
FBS$1,000From 0.2 pips500:1
FIBO Group Holdings Ltd$500$2 - $3100:1
Fibo Group Ltd$10000.003% from the amount of a transaction100:1
Fidelis Capital Markets$500$3.5200:1MetaTrader 4
FinFX$1,000$6 - $7100:1
Forex Broker Inc$100$10 - $15500:1MetaTrader 4
Forex Time (FXTM)$200$2.5 - $10500:1MetaTrader 4
MetaTrader 5
FW Markets$10,000$7200:1
FXCC$100From 0.5 pips200:1
FX Choice$100$3.5200:1
FX Clearing Group Inc$50From 1 pip500:1
FXCM$25 000$4 - $7200:1
FXDD$1,000$3 + spread from 0.8 pips100:1
FXOpen$1,000$3.6 - $5
FXPRIMUS$100From 1 pip500:1
FXTG (ForexTG)$1,000$2150:1
FXtradeweb$10,000$2.2 - $3500:1
FXVV$10From 1.5 pips2000:1
FXVan$1,000$4100:1MetaTrader 4
Gallant Capital Markets Ltd.$50,000$0.5100:1
GDMFX$200$7200:1MetaTrader 4
Goldboro$50$10 - $61000:1
Grand Capital$1,000$5100:1
Greenvault FX$100-0500:1
Hantec Markets$50,000$5 - $6200:1
HFX Global$5004200:1
HiWayFX$150$2300:1MetaTrader 4
Hot Forex$500$10300:1
IC Markets$200$38.5400:1
Iceberg Brokers$500From 1.5 pips200:1
IKON Markets$5,000$3500:1
Interactive Brokers$10,000-040:1
IronFX$10,000From 1.8 pips500:1
NordFX$1,000$5 - $7100:1MetaTrader 4
Orbex$500$6 - $10300:1MetaTrader 4
IV Brokers$2,000$5200:1MetaTrader 4
Jiffix Markets Ltd ($100$10500:1
Land FX$2,000$3.5200:1
LCG Markets$1$6+300:1
Liquid Markets (Ex-Tadawul FX)$2,000$4.5500:1
Mayzus (Ex-UWC)$10,000$10100:1
MB Trading$400-050:1
MFC Investment$1,000$7200:1
MRC Markets$1,000$2.5 - $3.5100:1
My Trade Markets$250$3200:1
NetoTrade$5,000$1.8 - $50400:1
OctaFX$50From 0.2 pips500:1MetaTrader 4
One Financial Markets$10,000$3.4200:1
Ozone Forex$1,000$3800:1
Price Markets$2,0000.4 pips (average)100:1
Real Forex$10,000$6100:1
Renesource Capital$500$5100:1
ROBOFOREX LP$1,000$2300:1
RVD Markets$100$5 – $81000:1
SkyFX$1,000$1 - $3.550:1
Solforex$200$8.5 - $11.5400:1
SunbirdFX$10,000/ $50,000$8 - $11100:1
Synergy Forex$1,000 $3.5100:1
TenkoFX$100$3.5 - $4200:1
ThinkForex $10,000$12100:1
Trade Land FX$40,000$3300:1
TradeFort $500$3 - $18100:1
TuneFX$1000.9 pip per lot (+spread)500:1
TusarFx$1000.9 pip per lot (+spread)500:1
Universal FX$1,000$2.5 - $25100:1
Weltrade$500$4 - $6100:1
World Pro FX$250From 0.4 pips400:1
XTB UK Limited$0$10200:1xStation
Yadix$5,000$3.5500:1MetaTrader 4

How ECN broker work

ECN brokers display bid/ask prices on their trading platform based on prices from banks, traders connect to ECN and other market participants.

On ECN account, spread is floating/variable depends on market condition. Sometime, you can get 0 pip spread at very high trading activity.

A true ECN  Broker does not make money from spreads but charge fixed commission per round turn. Usually, brokers offer ECN account as addition choice, you can choose between mini/ regular account or ECN when open trading account with broker. As they make money from commission, they will not trade against you – reduce the risk of price manipulation!

Unlike fixed spread, it’s hard to calculate stop-loss on ECN account as the price is vary. Stop-loss slippage occur openly on ECN account, the same may happen for take-profit point.